1Research, Planning and Conception


Theatre Workshop conducts all forms of research and survey pertaining to theaters/halls. This includes construction planning stage research on location, site and theater/hall trends, as well as operation stage research on, for example, theater/hall operation and utilization. Outcomes of research enable the client to accurately grasp the situations surrounding theaters/halls while creating a foundation for more active cultural and artistic activities.

Basic Conception and Basic Planning

Basic conception and basic planning are important stages that constitute the foundation of a theater/hall. Basic conception involves determining the basic principles and purpose of establishing a theater/hall based on nationwide arts venue trends and regional backgrounds, as well as examining the character, size, composition, and basic management and operational policies of the intended theater/hall. Basic planning involves site organization, creation of model plans, and studying the approximate area and approximate construction cost.

Architect Selection Support

Architect selection takes place during the transition from the planning to designing stage. The two major selection methods are competition and proposal. Selection by competition involves selecting a design proposal. Selection by proposal involves selecting a proposed solution to a given problem or theme, and conducting an interview.

2Design and Construction Consulting

Design and Construction Consulting

Each theater/hall architectural design demands unique functions and facility compositions depending on its mode of use and purpose. With the intended theater or hall’s overall function and composition in mind, Theatre Workshop examines the project from many angles, including fine details pertaining to its user-friendliness to staff and users. Theatre Workshop communicates the input of theater technicians and others to the design and construction teams so as to propose buildings and equipment conducive to successful operation, and create a user-friendly theater/hall.

Equipment Selection Support

Theatre Workshop conducts the entire range of tasks pertaining to equipping the theater/hall and managing theater/hall equipment. These include equipment budgeting, equipment selection, installation planning, quantity assessment, creation of equipment lists, production of materials for ordering equipment, and production of equipment inventories.

Creation of Plots and Equipment Descriptions

Theatre Workshop creates documents essential to theater/hall users, such as plans that include stage dimensions, equipment information and seating charts, as well as documents containing detailed descriptions of equipment.

3Management and Operation Planning Consulting, and Support for Theater/Hall Opening

Management and Operation Planning Consulting

When planning a theater/hall, it is important to formulate plans and policies regarding its management and operation in accordance with its basic concept and principles pertaining to purpose and mode of use. Theatre Workshop studies the theater/hall’s management and operation plans in order to make the theater/hall an attractive venue that appropriately reflects its operational policy and organizational structure in its facility plan.

Support for Preparing the Theater/Hall for Opening

For Japanese municipal governments seeking a PFI or Shitei Kanrisha (lit. designated administrators/managers), Theatre Workshop provides a wide range of associated support services, such as soliciting applications, selection, organizing preparatory tasks following selection, creating proposals for private businesses looking to apply, and providing services on behalf of them. Theatre Workshop also helps theaters/halls prepare for opening through staff and volunteer training and other services.

4Facility Operation and Business Producing

Facility Operation

Theatre Workshop participates in the management and operation of public arts venues as a Shitei Kanrisha (lit. designated administrator/manager). There are also cases where private arts venues entrust Theatre Workshop with their management and operation after Theatre Workshop has provided planning-stage consultancy. Tasks include renting venues to users, making facilities available to users, planning and production of attractive original businesses, and joint projects with performing arts organizations, etc.

Business Producing

Theaters/halls need to offer programs fulfilling a wide range of goals, such as arts appreciation, outreach, creation and interaction. They also need to offer programs spanning diverse genres, including but not limited to classical music, pop music, theater, musicals, opera, dance, traditional Japanese performing arts, contemporary performing arts, and lifestyle-related events. Drawing from a wide range of available sources, Theatre Workshop creates and offers programs most attractive to each local audience.

5Refurbishment Planning

Refurbishment Planning

Theatre Workshop formulates refurbishment plans after conducting necessary surveys. It helps theaters/halls stay abreast of the times and capable of providing the best service to users by ensuring the safety of the work environment and equipment, which includes stage mechanisms, lighting and acoustics.

6Facilitation of Community Participation

Facilitation of Community Participation

For public arts venues, participation of local residents is an essential condition right from the start of the planning stage, not least from the perspective of fulfilling accountability. It is important to learn the views of the local community, reflect them in the project plan, and, at the same time, communicate the plan so that residents can understand it. Theatre Workshop supports all aspects of community participation throughout a theater/hall project, including those required at the stages of basic conception, facility planning, and management and operation planning.